Lectures on Strategic Gaming

Since the Spring of 2012, CASL has hosted a series of  bi-monthly lectures by thought-leaders in the field of gaming to explore core issues in the field.  The program is aimed at increasing the educational opportunities for game designers, as well as creating a forum for cross-institutional dialogue on techniques and best practices.  Lectures will be posted to this page after each session for public access and use. We encourage you to use these lectures for a wide range of educational purposes.  Please credit both the speaker and series when citing these lectures.

If you are interested in taking part in the teleconference lectures, please contact Ellie Bartels or Katie Dusek to be added to the list host for the series.

April 2012

Speaker: Dr. Peter Perla, CNA
Topic: The Way of the Wargamer


May 2012

Speaker: Dr. Phil Sabin, King’s College London
Topic: The Continuing Merits of Manual Gaming


October 2012

Speaker: Mr. Alec Barker, Group W
Topic: “Fight the Scenario”


March 2013

Speaker: LTC Mary Lou Hall
Topic: “We are all McNamara’s Children”


August 2013

Speaker: Ms. Deirdre Hollingshed, CASL
Topic: “Alternative Perspectives in Gaming”