Innovation and experimentation are central to sustaining excellence in any field. CASL seeks to invest in ongoing research on the design, implementation and analyses of strategic games in order to support and drive change. In addition to our many specific exercises, the Center interacts with the gaming community and field in proactive ways, aiming to create spaces and dialogues that stimulate new thinking and writing on the future of our community. Research oriented staff from across CASL contribute to this endeavor, writing, presenting and creating forums for engagement with our community of peers and warmly welcome their input. This section of the website provides a space in which to highlight these activities which we hope can bring both the Center and wider community together as practitioners.

To this end, this “research and analysis” space highlights publications by CASL staff on strategic gaming; our on-going project, “The CASL bibliography of strategic gaming” and the latest information about our series of roundtables on “Innovation in Strategic Gaming”.

For more information about any of the projects or events here, please feel free to contact Tim Wilkie, Associate Research Fellow, CASL.

CASL Research Includes:

  • Publishing analyses and After Action Reports on exercises and the effect on policy
  • Hosting a series of “Roundtables on Innovation in Strategic Gaming” for the expert gaming community
  • Building a large bibliography of gaming articles, research, analysis and execution