Computer Based Games

CASL also runs multiple online strategic gaming platforms. To play a demo strategic game, click HERE.

CASL’s online gaming capabilities include:

GLOBAL ECCO: Global Education and Collaboration Online (ECCO) is an online gaming website that uses fictitious worlds for academic purposes. It is a social networking website for the students, faculty, and alumnae of the Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program (CTFP), and is done in partnership with the Naval Postgraduate School, and is approved by OSD SOLIC.

Atlantis is a team based game, where players collaborate and compete to develop and operationalize CT/COIN strategies at the national level.

Global ECCO:
Facilitates discussions by CTFP alumni on international best practices and current global CT issues/events
Grants access to leading CT academic resources
Encourages and enables the emergence of a robust community of practice for professional collaboration and information exchange
Provides distance learning opportunities
Allows expansion to other relevant analytical and collaborative virtual tools as they become available.

THE SITUATION ROOM: A single-player game, where the player grapples with a current CT-related complex issue, and shares his/her recommendations and insights with others. Thirteen scenarios are currently available for this component, and it is used by S@W elective.