Mr. Hyong M. Lee

Senior Policy Analyst

Mr. Hyong M. Lee is a Senior Policy Analyst with the Center for Applied Strategic Learning (CASL).  Mr. Lee started his career in government service in 1992 as a Presidential Management Intern (PMI), now known as Presidential Management Fellows.  He was originally home-based at the Army Cost and Economic Analysis Center.  As a PMI, he did rotation assignments at the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Research, Development, and Acquisition (SARDA) and the Army Concepts Analysis Agency.

In January, 1996, Mr. Lee moved to Hawaii, where he eventually became the Chief of the Decision Support Branch (J084) at US Pacific Command.  At J084, Mr. Lee oversaw a number of seminar games and table top exercises.  These games and exercises include bilateral war games with regional friends and allies, joint experimentation war games, and exercises in support of major contingency plans.

Mr. Lee returned to the Washington DC area in January 2002 when he started working at the National Strategic Gaming Center (NSGC), the prior incarnation of CASL.  As part of the CASL, he supports exercise efforts for the various components of National Defense University, the Joint Staff, combatant commanders, and CASL outreach audiences.  His more recent projects include pandemic influenza, anti-terrorism / force protection, consequence management, U.S.-Mexico border security, and integrating more technology into exercises.