Academic Course Support

CASL’s support NDU’s core mission of: 

Supporting the joint warfighter by providing rigorous Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) to members of the U.S. Armed Forces and select others in order to develop leaders that have the ability to operate and creatively think in an unpredictable and complex world.

CASL provides course support for NDU’s two JPME colleges, the National War College and the Industrial College of Armed Forces. CASL exercises are built into both school’s student curriculum. They allow students to apply their class objectives and course knowledge to real life scenarios in a risk free, academic environment. CASL exercises serve as critical experiences in student educational matriculation.

CASL also supports the following NDU Courses:

Strategists at War Elective: National War College
CASL supports the unique “Strategists at War” (S@W) elective. It is comprised of mid-career students, in various U.S. military and civilian agencies, who are pursuing a 10 month Masters degree from either ICAF or NWC. The course focuses on teaching strategic level decision-making by “doing strategy” rather than simply engaging in an academic examination of case studies of strategy. CASL faculty present students with a series of role-playing exercises based on an assortment of contemporary complex and vexing international scenarios. The sessions build on each other towards a global crescendo, where the basic question of: “What should the USG do in these situations?” requires student response.

National Security Strategy Course: Congressional Staff
The NSSC is a six-session course on Capitol Hill for Congressional staff which brings in distinguished NDU Professors to lecture and lead discussions on national security strategy building. The course ends with a CASL exercise on a strategic national security topic. This course is intended to support the  NDU missions of education and outreach to Congress.

Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program “Kick Off”: College of International Security Affairs
CASL runs a four-day, dynamic COIN/CT exercise which uses real world scenarios to challenge the incoming students of the Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program with the complex problems of fighting an insurgency at the national level. The students role-play civilian government and military leadership. CT subject matter experts from the nation in question play the role of the terrorists/insurgents and present the students with an experienced, crafty opponent. Alumni from previous CTFP classes return to serve as mentors for the new students. The exercise employs a computer-assisted model that creates a dynamic situation that challenges the students to make discrete policy decisions and difficult allocations of scarce resources.

Reserve Component National Security Course: Joint Reserve Affairs Center
The RCNSC is a two-week seminar sponsored by NDU’s Joint Reserve Affairs Center is built around a policy exercise to assess a devolving security situation in Nigeria. Participants prioritize US national interests, consider opportunities and limitations imposed by interests and capabilities and other factors, and develop policy recommendations which employ the instruments of national power.

NATO Orientation Program: Center for Translatantic Security Studies
CASL supports the NATO Orientation Program with a three-hour exercise at the end of each eight-day class.  It provides participants an opportunity to analyze synthetic or actual current events in the region of concern to identify key strategic considerations for the NATO political / civil and military leadership; prepare strategic considerations and present them to the group as a representative of the nation or role they are playing; and evaluate and discuss their considerations in relation to the others and reach a consensus position to be presented to the appropriate NATO civil and/or military leadership.